electrical-placeholderYour electrical system is an integral piece to your household.  When you need electrical advice, parts, or products, Grannemann’s Sales and Service is the best place to find the right answers and what you need.  Whether you are looking to upgrade your electrical service in the house or perhaps you want to add an electrical outlet inside or outside, we have the answer you’re looking for.

Light switches, outlets, and much more can be found at our store.  Our trained technicians can answer any questions you might have about your electrical service.  Keep in mind that in order to add to your existing service, there could be additional things you’re not aware of.  That’s where our expertise comes in handy.  We want you to be able to live comfortably and have the amenities you deserve.

Houses in the Hermann area have electrical services that were created decades ago and if you would like to make changes we can handle small repairs and additions as well as a complete electrical overhaul.  We walk you through your options to make sure that the expectations you have and your budget are satisfied.

boston city lightsWe can also visit your commercial location and service all your electrical needs.  Each business location is different and having a trained expert in electrical knowledge is the key to success.  We take time to listen to your needs and make recommendations that can accommodate exactly what you want.