Grannemann Generators - insideSupplying electricity to your household is a daily necessity.  We often overlook this service because it is something we count on everyday.  Grannemann’s Sales and Service knows that sometimes there are power outages and if you experience them frequently, you, no doubt, have been frustrated every time.  We want to make sure that your electricity runs smoothly throughout the year.

Our trained service and technician staff can help you if you have frequent power outages.  We assess your needs in association with your household and can accommodate all types of infrastructures.  After understanding the situation and listening to you and your family’s needs we give you honest and fair options to equip your household to endure power outages without stress.

Grannemann Generators - with houseAlong with frequent power outages, Hermann has experienced some major storms in the past.  Perhaps it’s time to be ready for the next storm that could take out your electricity.  We have generators of all types, shapes, and sizes.  Because of our expertise you can be rest assured that when a power outage happens in your area, our product will stand the test against mother nature.