Access to a professional is crucial these days.  When you are at your wits end trying to understand a situation with appliances, or a heating and cooling unit, sometimes you just want it to work.  Our service technicians are right there for you and can get you the help you need quickly and efficiently.

Our motto is to “Sell the best, and service the rest.”  Perhaps you have an appliance that was not purchased from us but is still capable of lasting a while longer.  Grannemann’s Sales and Service will make sure you are taken care of.  We want to see your existing appliances running smooth.  That’s why we are trained to take care of the products you already own.

If it’s winter time and your heating service goes out, we know how uncomfortable that can be.  We respond as soon as we can and assess the situation to make sure your system is back up and running.  Our services include repairs on all products we sell and even on older models that we do not have in stock.  Our trained professionals can help you with your larger electronics and even install antennas on your housing unit.